Inspiration of the new Generation

Last night Prince George hosted a fantastic Opening Ceremonies for the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Dancers, singers, and local and provincial dignitaries welcomed everyone to BC’s north.


The highlight of the night was the athlete march-in. Representing their provinces and waving their flags, you can feel there is a connection here to another huge multi-sport event which many aspire to be at.
The big screen showed close ups of athletes and coaches, marching in and cheering, using their phones to capture the moment from their point of view. You could read lips; “Hi mom!” “There’s so many people!”
The expressions of joy and amazement were undeniable. The crowd supported every province and Team BC got a standing ovation.


Several dignitaries spoke of the importance of these games and reminded us that several notable Olympians got their start here. It’s a circle of inspiration. The athlete’s performances inspire the nation. The support of the nation inspires the athletes. We all win when sport is celebrated.
For some athletes this will be their biggest competition.
This is their Olympics; the memories and accomplishments will last a lifetime.
In a few years, Some athletes here will walk into an Olympic stadium under the Canadian flag and they’ll remember this moment, where their inspiration began.

Canada Games Cauldron

Canada Games Cauldron