Get Gymspired!

Gymnastics is inherently inspiring. There are so many stories to tell about the hard work, the grace under pressure, that moment when an athlete has done the very best they can…
Then there’s the underdogs, the comebacks, overcoming obstacles; the stuff that sends a shiver down your spine. That’s what I love most about the sport so I decided to make a blog about it!

I’ll be posting new content, shared content and work I’ve done for other sources.

To start with, I’ll be profiling some young Canadian athletes who will be making their mark in Canadian sports at the Canada Winter Games coming to Prince George, British Columbia Feb. 13-26. Artistic Gymnastics has been in the games since 1967 and many notable Canadian gymnasts have competed including Olympians, Brittany Rogers, Kyle Shewfelt, Lise Leveille, Richard Ikeda, Alexander Jeltkov and Curtis Hibbert. Trampoline makes it’s debut at these 2015 Canada Games with two males and two females from each province competing. PerhapsĀ some of them will be future Olympians

Do you have a Gymspiring story? Share it with me and I’ll feature it!