Bowen Island World Gymnaestrada Performance at Britannia Gymnastics

There are so many amazing forms of Gymnastics and we’re all familiar with the Artistic, Rythmic and Trampoline- but right now there is a huge event going on in Helsinki, Finland which deserves attention as well. Not a competition, it’s nonetheless an international event- it’s the World Gymnaestrada- the highlight of the Gymnastics For All discipline.

From World Gymnaestrada

Gymnastics for All activities contribute to personal health, fitness and well being – physical, social, intellectual and psychological. The focus of GfA is the F4 (Fun – Fitness –  Fundamentals –  Friendship) and can involve gymnastics with or without apparatus, gymnastics and dance. It offers aesthetic experiences in movement for participants and spectators while providing the opportunity to focus on items that are of particular interest in a national and cultural context.


Bowen Island Gymnastics qualified a team to this huge event and are performing this morning. Led by the creative and talented Cameron Stevenson, they performed their Western -themed routine for an appreciative audience at the Britannia Gymnastics Year-End show last month in Vancouver.

Gymspired Media was there to film the highlights of their routine, and presents you this video to coincide with their actual performance in Helsinki!


What Can Gymspired Media Services Do For You?

While registered as a business for just over two months, Gymspired’s owner Catherine has been filming trampoline competitions for as long as she can remember. It’s the evolution of a hobby-turned-career that makes Gymspired the ideal source to cover your competition. With a lifetime of experience in trampoline and gymnastics as an athlete and coach, Catherine uses video to tell the story of the athletes and promote their achievements. Along with video Gymspired can write articles, blogs and use the social media platforms of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to promote your athletes and events.
So much could be written about the competitions covered and interviews, but the videos tell the story much more vividly than words can.
If you are looking to promote your gym, your athletes or your competition, look no further than Gymspired Media Services.

Here’s an online portfolio of sorts. All from The Get Gymspired YouTube Page

Pacific Rim Championships (Trampoline Pundit and

Trampoline World Championships (Trampoline Pundit)

Trampoline World Age Groups (Trampoline Pundit)

Aaron Johnson Memorial Invitational (Trampoline Pundit)

2015 Canada Winter Games Trampoline and Artistic Gymnastics (Sport Information Officer)

Canada Cup Trampoline (Trampoline Pundit)

2015 Artistic Gymnastics BC Championships (Gymnastics BC)

2015 Trampoline Gymnastics BC Championships (Gymnastics BC)

Not just for competitions, Gymspired can promote your gym, camp, event or athlete!

Midwest Training and Ice Center, Dyer Indiana

Articles and Blogs have appeared on Trampoline Pundit, Gymnastics BC and Gymnastics BC’s Layout Magazine.

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BC Championships a Huge Success!

Last month Gymspired Media Services covered the BC Gymnastics Championships for Gymnastics BC. Camera in hand, Catherine filmed as many routines as possible over the three day, 600 gymnast event. Every session, from compulsories to High Performance received some coverage- no small feat with either 8 or 10 events going on at the same time.
Champions were photographed and interviewed for quotes on Gymnastics BC’s publication Layout magazine and a series of promo videos were made. Now, the routines that were filmed are being featured in this playlist.
Starting with the feature videos and National level MAG and WAG, I’ll be adding to it with notable routines from all categories

The competition was a success for the athletes, for Gymnastics BC and for Gymspired- this was my first contract! The year of volunteering has paid off! Hopefully there is going to be much more of this on the future. I really believe all levels of gymnastics need the coverage. I'l be back out on the floor again next weekend at the BC Trampoline Championships in Port Moody.

BC Championships This Weekend Covered by Gymspired!

Capilano University in North Vancouver will play host to the 2015 BC Gymnastics Championships this weekend April 10th through 12th and Gymspired will be working with Gymnastics BC to cover the event. All levels of both MAG and WAG, from Compulsories to High Performance will be featured, giving BC’s athletes some much deserved recognition and attention. We will be tweeting, and posting to Instagram as well as filming as many routines as possible for highlight videos and individual routine videos.

Team BC  at Canada Games

Team BC at Canada Games

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Canada Cup Coverage

In the last month things have been very busy with the Canada Winter Games, the Canada Cup of Trampoline and Tumbling and the creation of Gymspired. After the Canada Games I realized that more Gymnastics/Trampoline coverage is wanted by so many people and so Gymspired Media Services was born.

Many competitions both big and small have so many great performances that never really get seen because the coverage is not there. Mainstream media will sometimes attend a meet to take photos or present highlights on TV, but there is always so much more to be seen and a whole world of online gymnastics fans who want to see what is going on. Gymspired can attend your competition, and from a unique vantage point on the floor, film routines, conduct interviews and promote via social media your competition the way you want it covered, getting it to those people who matter!  Parents back home, friends and family, and even the athletes themselves want to see high quality coverage of the routines featured online.

I spent last weekend in Kamloops at the Trampoline Canada Cup. My coverage of the event can be found in this playlist.  
I captured 75% of routines/passes. Most of them in HD from a unique angle close up to the event. As this venture grows, coverage will only get better. This meet was covered for the website It is hoped that very soon an artistic competition will be covered for a provincial organization. I’m so excited to see where this will lead!

Inspiration of the new Generation

Last night Prince George hosted a fantastic Opening Ceremonies for the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Dancers, singers, and local and provincial dignitaries welcomed everyone to BC’s north.


The highlight of the night was the athlete march-in. Representing their provinces and waving their flags, you can feel there is a connection here to another huge multi-sport event which many aspire to be at.
The big screen showed close ups of athletes and coaches, marching in and cheering, using their phones to capture the moment from their point of view. You could read lips; “Hi mom!” “There’s so many people!”
The expressions of joy and amazement were undeniable. The crowd supported every province and Team BC got a standing ovation.


Several dignitaries spoke of the importance of these games and reminded us that several notable Olympians got their start here. It’s a circle of inspiration. The athlete’s performances inspire the nation. The support of the nation inspires the athletes. We all win when sport is celebrated.
For some athletes this will be their biggest competition.
This is their Olympics; the memories and accomplishments will last a lifetime.
In a few years, Some athletes here will walk into an Olympic stadium under the Canadian flag and they’ll remember this moment, where their inspiration began.

Canada Games Cauldron

Canada Games Cauldron

Welcome Trampoline to the Canada Games

In just two days, young athletes from all over Canada will converge in Prince George, British Columbia for the Canada Winter Games. Since 1967 The Canada Games have been showcasing Canada’s young sporting talent. For Gymnastics fans, this year marks the first time Trampoline will be included, allowing  two males and two females from each province the chance to compete in a multi-sport event. Artistic Gymnastics features men’s and women’s all around and team as in previous years.

 Gymnastics Canada Trampoline High-Performance Director Stephan Duchesne knows the importance of the Canada Games and the impact it can have on the growth of the sport “It is highly important for trampoline to be included in these Games as they are the forefront window of all major sports in Canada. I hope this will stimulate all provinces and territories to increase or even start trampoline programs.”

Currently athletes from eight of the thirteen provinces/territories will compete in the 2015 Games.

” We were also given a place for 2019 in Red Deer, AB but the process was difficult and we were among the last sports to be accepted”

Despite having a World Championships dating back to 1964, the process has always been difficult for Trampoline. Previously seen by some as just a training tool for artistic gymnastics, Trampoline has come into it’s own with Olympic inclusion in 2000. With each Olympics, the sport becomes more mainstream and more respected, but certain misconceptions still remain. The sport of trampoline in no way resembles the backyard activity of trampoline!

When one thinks of Gymnastics superpower nations, USA, Russia, China often come to mind. However in Trampoline the only nation that has won a medal in every Olympic appearance  is… you guessed it… Canada. Rosannagh (Rosie) MacLennan became a household name when she won Canada’s only gold medal in London 2012

The future looks bright for the sport of Trampoline around the world and here in Canada. Inclusion in the Canada Games benefits the sport and the athletes tremendously. The athletes are excited to display their skills in a multisport event and the city of Prince George, which has a fairly new Trampoline team, is looking forward to seeing this sport at a high level. As the sport continues to grow with the help of events such as the Canada Games, we can look forward to even more Olympic success.

Artistic Gymnastics runs from February 15-19. Trampoline on February 24 and 25