Bowen Island World Gymnaestrada Performance at Britannia Gymnastics

There are so many amazing forms of Gymnastics and we’re all familiar with the Artistic, Rythmic and Trampoline- but right now there is a huge event going on in Helsinki, Finland which deserves attention as well. Not a competition, it’s nonetheless an international event- it’s the World Gymnaestrada- the highlight of the Gymnastics For All discipline.

From World Gymnaestrada

Gymnastics for All activities contribute to personal health, fitness and well being – physical, social, intellectual and psychological. The focus of GfA is the F4 (Fun – Fitness –  Fundamentals –  Friendship) and can involve gymnastics with or without apparatus, gymnastics and dance. It offers aesthetic experiences in movement for participants and spectators while providing the opportunity to focus on items that are of particular interest in a national and cultural context.


Bowen Island Gymnastics qualified a team to this huge event and are performing this morning. Led by the creative and talented Cameron Stevenson, they performed their Western -themed routine for an appreciative audience at the Britannia Gymnastics Year-End show last month in Vancouver.

Gymspired Media was there to film the highlights of their routine, and presents you this video to coincide with their actual performance in Helsinki!


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