What Can Gymspired Media Services Do For You?

While registered as a business for just over two months, Gymspired’s owner Catherine has been filming trampoline competitions for as long as she can remember. It’s the evolution of a hobby-turned-career that makes Gymspired the ideal source to cover your competition. With a lifetime of experience in trampoline and gymnastics as an athlete and coach, Catherine uses video to tell the story of the athletes and promote their achievements. Along with video Gymspired can write articles, blogs and use the social media platforms of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to promote your athletes and events.
So much could be written about the competitions covered and interviews, but the videos tell the story much more vividly than words can.
If you are looking to promote your gym, your athletes or your competition, look no further than Gymspired Media Services.

Here’s an online portfolio of sorts. All from The Get Gymspired YouTube Page

Pacific Rim Championships (Trampoline Pundit and Gymn.ca)

Trampoline World Championships (Trampoline Pundit)

Trampoline World Age Groups (Trampoline Pundit)

Aaron Johnson Memorial Invitational (Trampoline Pundit)

2015 Canada Winter Games Trampoline and Artistic Gymnastics (Sport Information Officer)

Canada Cup Trampoline (Trampoline Pundit)

2015 Artistic Gymnastics BC Championships (Gymnastics BC)

2015 Trampoline Gymnastics BC Championships (Gymnastics BC)

Not just for competitions, Gymspired can promote your gym, camp, event or athlete!

Midwest Training and Ice Center, Dyer Indiana

Articles and Blogs have appeared on Trampoline Pundit, Gymnastics BC and Gymnastics BC’s Layout Magazine.

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