Canada Cup Coverage

In the last month things have been very busy with the Canada Winter Games, the Canada Cup of Trampoline and Tumbling and the creation of Gymspired. After the Canada Games I realized that more Gymnastics/Trampoline coverage is wanted by so many people and so Gymspired Media Services was born.

Many competitions both big and small have so many great performances that never really get seen because the coverage is not there. Mainstream media will sometimes attend a meet to take photos or present highlights on TV, but there is always so much more to be seen and a whole world of online gymnastics fans who want to see what is going on. Gymspired can attend your competition, and from a unique vantage point on the floor, film routines, conduct interviews and promote via social media your competition the way you want it covered, getting it to those people who matter!  Parents back home, friends and family, and even the athletes themselves want to see high quality coverage of the routines featured online.

I spent last weekend in Kamloops at the Trampoline Canada Cup. My coverage of the event can be found in this playlist.  
I captured 75% of routines/passes. Most of them in HD from a unique angle close up to the event. As this venture grows, coverage will only get better. This meet was covered for the website It is hoped that very soon an artistic competition will be covered for a provincial organization. I’m so excited to see where this will lead!


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