Welcome Trampoline to the Canada Games

In just two days, young athletes from all over Canada will converge in Prince George, British Columbia for the Canada Winter Games. Since 1967 The Canada Games have been showcasing Canada’s young sporting talent. For Gymnastics fans, this year marks the first time Trampoline will be included, allowing  two males and two females from each province the chance to compete in a multi-sport event. Artistic Gymnastics features men’s and women’s all around and team as in previous years.

 Gymnastics Canada Trampoline High-Performance Director Stephan Duchesne knows the importance of the Canada Games and the impact it can have on the growth of the sport “It is highly important for trampoline to be included in these Games as they are the forefront window of all major sports in Canada. I hope this will stimulate all provinces and territories to increase or even start trampoline programs.”

Currently athletes from eight of the thirteen provinces/territories will compete in the 2015 Games.

” We were also given a place for 2019 in Red Deer, AB but the process was difficult and we were among the last sports to be accepted”

Despite having a World Championships dating back to 1964, the process has always been difficult for Trampoline. Previously seen by some as just a training tool for artistic gymnastics, Trampoline has come into it’s own with Olympic inclusion in 2000. With each Olympics, the sport becomes more mainstream and more respected, but certain misconceptions still remain. The sport of trampoline in no way resembles the backyard activity of trampoline!

When one thinks of Gymnastics superpower nations, USA, Russia, China often come to mind. However in Trampoline the only nation that has won a medal in every Olympic appearance  is… you guessed it… Canada. Rosannagh (Rosie) MacLennan became a household name when she won Canada’s only gold medal in London 2012

The future looks bright for the sport of Trampoline around the world and here in Canada. Inclusion in the Canada Games benefits the sport and the athletes tremendously. The athletes are excited to display their skills in a multisport event and the city of Prince George, which has a fairly new Trampoline team, is looking forward to seeing this sport at a high level. As the sport continues to grow with the help of events such as the Canada Games, we can look forward to even more Olympic success.

Artistic Gymnastics runs from February 15-19. Trampoline on February 24 and 25


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